North Sydney Printing Machines & Photocopiers

Machine sales and lease are our speciality we supply on major manufacturers  of machinery. What we do is advise of for large businesses on exactly what type of machinery for photocopying and office use would maximise there bang for dollar. As tedious as it may sound getting an assessment for large businesses can save thousands of dollars and over a five year span it is not unusual for a large business to save in the hundreds of thousands for correct and smart purchasing of multiple machinery for there offices.


Choosing a printer can be hard In North Sydney

Sometimes making the right descision is not always making the right decision.

  • Electricity Consumption
  • Quality of paper required
  • Lease
  • Purchase
  • MFD

Electricity consumption different photocopiers

This is about the easiest way for someone without industry knowledge to come unstuck when choosing a machine. For large businesses energy consumption must be looked at, printer and photocopier machines are guzzlers when it comes to electricity consumption. There are some great machines that dont cost extra and loose no quality but use very little electricity. The average photocopier machine in North Sydney uses between $1700-$3400 per annum. With low consumption machines running at about $700 per annum. Now if you have 10-30 machines in your office that is a massive saving over 5 years that not many when purchasing consider. You can literally save hundreds of thousands of dollars in one quick meeting.


Leases can be tricky at best of times we encourage everyone to check there lease and have an accountant look over it. Although we are not allowed to advise we are more than happy to point out anything unusual or excessive for your accountant to double check.


If your not looking to upgrade anytime soon purchaseing can be a great option, however there are many negatives such as not being able to take advantage of full tax advatanges. Not being able to update easily on new machinery.

Quality of paper

Quality of paper can be massive!!!!! Nowadays 70 percent of Sydney businesses have switched to cheaper lower quality paper. The reason for this is advancement in print quality and the need for high quality paper being less and less and less….. If you are thinking horrible looking print associated you are wrong the lower quality paper print stills looks amazing with high quality print machines and this revolution is now changing the print industry.

If your looking to save thousands and thousands on print and your a large business give us call or send us an email.

In this veto there is talk of MFD’s that is multi function print devices. We also consider ourselves experts at assessing if your company can reduce other machines and do an all in one set up. This can save small businesses a huge ammount of money. Since 2006 this trend has exploaded and it is hard to find an office in Australia with an MFP.

If you need help in sourcing a good finiancial planner or accountant we are happy to give a list of 10 independent advisors that will be happy to look at the contract for sale/lease. North Sydney Photocopier

It is extremely important to be thorough in this part of the process and go over everything with a fine tooth comb before signing the agreement more often than not industry sales men will adjust price per copy in the end part of your contact for optimum profit and there behalf as the sliding rates ofetn get over looked.

Choosing the right MFD can be a fun exciting processNorth Sydney photocopier SPL

allin one

  • Fax
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Email
  • Computer
  • Phone

and much much more. Every year these machines advance extraordinary amounts and not keeping up to date with trends will cost your business.